What to consider when choosing your type 2 diabetes treatment

Welcome to the world of managing Type 2 diabetes. Choosing the right treatment is crucial for your well-being. Let's explore key factors to consider.

Your interaction with your healthcare staff is a key factor in T2D. Making the most of your appointment time with them might be facilitated by knowing what to talk about with them. 

 According to Michelle Ogunwole, M.D., a professor of medicine in Baltimore, Maryland, this is what ought to be on the agenda.

Plans for both short-term and long-term management that cover every area of treatment, including how changing your lifestyle may affect your medication schedule and dose, are available.

Setting lifestyle objectives, such as aiming to run a 5K or create a regular sleep pattern, are examples of health goals. These goals also involve maintaining daily blood-glucose levels within a specific target range.

managing drug side effects, which may entail experimenting with other approaches if your therapy is too disruptive to your daily life.

Monitoring is essential. Regularly check your blood sugar levels and track how your chosen treatment is working. Stay in touch with your healthcare team.

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