What is the rarest eye colour in the world?

Brown Eyes - The Common Hue: Brown eyes are the most prevalent worldwide, with over half of the global population sporting them.

Blue Eyes - A Unique Shade: Blue eyes, while striking, are relatively rare, with only about 8% of people possessing them.

Green Eyes - Nature's Marvel: Green eyes are less common than blue, making up just 2% of the world's eye colors.

Gray Eyes - An Enigma: Gray eyes are mysterious and exceedingly rare, appearing in less than 1% of the population.

Hazel Eyes - A Multifaceted Gem: Hazel eyes, a blend of brown and green, are relatively uncommon, gracing around 5% of individuals.

Amber Eyes - A Rare Beauty: Amber eyes, a golden-brown hue, are among the rarest, found in only a handful of people.

Red Eyes - A Genetic Quirk: Red or violet eyes are extremely uncommon and often associated with certain medical conditions.

Black Eyes - A Deep Abyss: True black eyes are exceptionally rare, often mistaken for very dark brown.

Albino Eyes - The Absence of Color: People with albinism can have light blue or reddish eyes due to a lack of pigment.