UK woman wins lottery, will receive ₹10 lakh monthly payout for next 30 year

She also bought an air fryer in addition to a new bed.

She plans to spend the funds to renovate the home she and her husband have shared for 50 years.

A senior citizen from Dorking, England, just won the Set For Life lottery's top prize.

 On August 3, Doris Stanbridge, age 70, correctly predicted all the winning numbers: 2, 11, 17, 30, 38, and the Life Ball 3.

Even more exciting is the fact that she will get 10,000 pounds every month for the next 30 years (or roughly Rs. 10.37 lakh). 

She now feels more motivated to live to 100 thanks to the victory.

She decided to buy a Set For Life ticket via the app after discovering some money spiders around her house and garden, according to the National Lottery.

We had been busy since my 70th birthday party. An email from The National Lottery caught my eye. 

I thought I had won £10 when I first logged into the app, but instead I saw the message, "Congratulations, you've won £10K Thousand a month for 30 years."

The pair bought a new bed and an air fryer when she won big. They even take family vacations together in Cornwall.

They also want to give their family an international vacation while renovating the house they've lived in for 50 years.

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