The #1 Most Hated Food In America—Revealed

When it comes to what we eat, the majority of us have strong preferences. Some meals, however, are more abhorred by people worldwide.

Instacart surveyed 2,000 Americans. Fish ranked as most hated food.

– 43% aged 18-44 dislike anchovie – 56% over 45 dislike them – 43% men, 58% women dislike – Top hated food in survey – D.C., NM, MA, OR, NY order most – MO, IN, AL, ND, IA order least

Anchovies disliked by Americans. 44% of UK diners also disliked. Top of the list in a 2014 survey.

NPR's Kitchen Window on anchovies: Intensely fishy, pungent taste. Improper serving can repel even hearty eaters.

However, if you've ever travelled to countries like Portugal or Italy, you might have unintentionally discovered that you prefer anchovies in your food.

 They may have tasted different from the ones you've experienced in the United States for another reason, in addition to the possibility that it was a result of the preparation. 

Because they are accustomed to eating industrial anchovies, Americans. They are correct. The president of the Italian import business Gustiamo, Beatrice Ughi, told The Wall Street Journal that they are terrible.

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