Health Experts Reveal: How Much Lettuce is Optimal for Your Coronary Artery Disease?

Leafy Greens and Heart Health: Incorporating lettuce into your diet can benefit coronary artery health.

Daily Intake: Experts recommend consuming at least one serving of lettuce daily.

Rich in Antioxidants: Lettuce's antioxidants combat oxidative stress linked to heart disease.

Fiber-Rich Diet: A fiber boost from lettuce aids in cholesterol management.

Choose Dark Varieties: Opt for darker greens like romaine or kale for enhanced nutrition.

Balanced Approach: Pair lettuce with heart-healthy proteins and fats for optimal meals.

Avoid Excessive Consumption: Overindulgence can lead to nutrient imbalances, so moderation is key.

Consult a Nutritionist: Tailor lettuce intake to your specific dietary needs.

Variety Matters: Rotate lettuce with other veggies for a well-rounded diet.

Monitor Your Health: Regular check-ups help track improvements in coronary artery health.