Dwayne Johnson transforms into 'Pink Panther' as daughters playfully paint his face before a zoom meeting

The "Rock," Dwayne Johnson, accepts a lighthearted makeover from his children

which causes a Zoom conference to be canceled and laughter that is lipstick-stained.

The Rock, also known as Dwayne Johnson, revealed a softer side by acting as a devoted father to his girls.

 Just before an important Zoom conference, a touching and humorous episode involving Jasmine and Tiana took place.

On a bright Saturday, Dwayne Johnson discovered that he was about to be used as a blank canvas for his daughters' artistic endeavors.

His two gorgeous kids, Jasmine and Tiana, came up to him ten minutes before their scheduled Zoom meeting and made a funny request: they wanted to give their adored father a makeover.

It was really amusing how things changed after that.

A renowned wrestler and fitness fanatic named Dwayne Johnson found himself having a great conversation with his enthused daughters despite having his entire face completely covered in baby pink lipstick.

One of them joked that he now looked like a lady, and the room erupted into chuckles and laughter. 

With good humor, the other hurried to get more cosmetics, perhaps even a makeup blender. 

The play session with his girls ended up being so entertaining that he had to postpone his crucial Zoom meeting.

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