The Rocks Full Body Workout Times Are In India

The Rock Is An Actor A Producer And A Former Professional Wrestler

There Is No One Who Can Beat The Actors Dedication To Fitness

The Rock Has A Full Body Workout

A Typical Leg Workout Day Includes Running 3050 Minutes Outside Or On A Treadmill Followed By Barbell Walking Lunge Leg Extensions And Squats

He Starts With 3050 Minutes Of Running Followed By Barbell Bench Press Incline Dumbbell Press Flat Bench Cable Flyes Incline Hammer Curls And Dips

But Dont Forget To Warm Up With Some Running

The Shoulders Shoulder Days Begin With Some Running And Consist Of Exercises Such As Dumbbell Shoulder Press Military Press Dumbbell Raise Sidelateral Raise And Reverse Machine Flyes