Costco Shoppers Raving About "Delicious" Frozen Mozzarella Stick

The next time you want superior mozzarella sticks, visit your local Costco rather than a restaurant.

 Customers claim that a certain brand of "delicious" frozen mozzarella sticks available at the warehouse is the best available at any supermarket.

This popular brand of mozzarella sticks is Petite Cuisine. The "100% real mozzarella sticks" come frozen and are wrapped in a crispy, seasoned breading, according to the box's description. 

Many supporters went to the comments section to gush about the product when a Costco customer recently turned to Reddit to solicit feedback from other users on the Petite Cuisine Mozzarella Sticks. 

One Redditor wrote, "I've got to ban myself because I'm liable to eat 30 at a time.

Although the packaging suggests numerous alternative ways to cook the mozzarella sticks, aficionados insist that using an air fryer is the only way to do it. 

For those who choose the air fryer approach, the instructions on the box state to cook eight sticks at 375 degrees for four minutes.

Near me in New Jersey, a five-pound box of these mozzarella sticks costs $18.36, although costs and availability may differ from place to place.

There are other Costco products that have lately received positive ratings in addition to the Petite Cuisine sticks.

Customers also adore the Japanese-style stir-fried noodles from Ajinomoto Yakisoba, which come with vegetables and a flavorful sauce.

Another item receiving a lot of attention is the brand-new strawberry ice cream at Costco. Even some admirers have referred to it as the "best ice cream ever."

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