7 Steps to Master the Pull-Up Exercise for Women

Start with Proper Warm-Up: Begin your pull-up routine with dynamic stretches and light cardio to prepare your muscles.

Choose the Right Grip: Opt for an overhand grip (palms facing away) to target your upper back and biceps effectively.

Use an Assistance Band: Employ resistance bands to reduce body weight, making pull-ups more manageable.

Focus on Form: Keep your core engaged, shoulders down, and pull your chest toward the bar.

Gradually Increase Reps: Begin with 2-3 sets of 3-5 reps and progress as your strength improves.

Include Negative Pull-Ups: Lower yourself slowly (eccentric phase) to build strength during the descent.

Be Patient and Persistent: Consistency is key; it may take time, but you can conquer the pull-up!