10 Easy Exercises for Kid

1. Running- Running is just about the simplest form of exercise there is, and it's perfect for kids' seemingly endless energy and need for speed.

2. Jumping- Get those feet up and off the ground with these easy exercises. Jumps build muscle strength, cardiovascular fitness, and endurance.

3. Exercise Game- To make exercise more fun for kids, turn it into a game.

4. Indoor Ball Game- Playing ball games indoors or outside can be great exercise for kids. Some of the benefits include aerobic exercise, balance, and coordination practice

5. Skipping- Skipping can be a fun form of aerobic activity that can also challenge skills such as balance and coordination.

6. Crab Walk- Crab walk is a fun activity that also helps kids build their core and arm strength.

7. Bear Crawl- The bear crawl is walking on all fours with your belly facing the floor (the opposite of the crab crawl). This movement can be a good whole-body exercise that challenges kids to use their limbs and core. 

8. Squats and Lunge- These simple exercises build leg strength, giving kids a good foundation for all kinds of sports and fitness activities.

9. Sit-Ups and Push-Up- Hit the floor for basic exercises that work the core: Sit-ups, push-ups, and planks. Kids can do traditional abdominal crunches, bicycle crunches, legs-up sit-ups, and more. 

10. Yoga and Stretching- Yoga poses can be a fun and simple way for kids to exercise. A few easy and fun poses for kids to try include Tree Pose, Downward-Facing Dog, Upward-Facing Dog, Cobra, Child's Pose, and Happy Baby.

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